Nestor Gahe - Romeo und Julia

Yahi Nestor Gahe

Nestor Gahe is Professor of African Dance. Dancer, singer, percussionist and choreographer, he starts very early his Dance career. He study in National School of Theater and Dance (ENTD) of the National Higher Institute of Arts and Cultural Action (INSAAC) in Abidjan - Ivory Coast and obtained the diploma of higher artistic study (DESA).

In 2000, he form with Eyock Epouck the company munlato and works with several choreographers: Merlin Nyakam, Mathilde Monnier, Salia Sanou and Seydou Boro, Ottro Demcsa´k, Georges Momboye, Titus Fotso, etc.

Nestor Gahe leads many companies whose very famous company in ivory coast “Hahize club”. He did several Dance productions, which he is for the most author or co-author.

In 2007, with the German company “Afrikanischer Zirkus Gmbh” in the cirque-production “Afrika Afrika” of André Heller and Mathias Hoffman, Nestor travels throughout Europe. He works with Momboye as assistant choreographer. Some years later, it becomes the choreographer of this company. more...


Performance 2012

Performance 2013


Performance 2011
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