Yahi Nestor Gahe GAHE Yahi Nestor is born on 21 May 1979 in Koumassi commune of Abidjan and embraces very early a career in the middle of spectacle and participates in several national television competitions in Cote d'Ivoire.

In 2000, he form with Eyock Epouck the company munlato where he follows his training, then the company DJIGUIYA as dancer with which he product to the Market for African Performing Arts (MASA). Graduate of Ecole Nationale de Théâtre et de Danse (ENTD) of Institut National Supérieur des Arts et de l´Action Culturelle (INSAAC) in Abidjan- Ivory Coast, he obtains DESA (Diplôme d´Etudes Supérieures Artistiques ) (bachelor + 4). In 2004 he integrates the Company KLOZAI. The finesse of body and spirit, and its research work lead to attend EDITH NESSEMON on some of her dance- productions which THOO-HOO: THE FIGHT. He particips then in 2004 in the festival Dialogue de Corps (Ouagadougou- Burkina Faso) with the creation THOO-HOO. Choreograph, Dancer, Nestor Gahe is also actor, singer and drummer. Thoo-Hoo:The Fight

In 2005, he is withheld at the workshop of improvisation in the centre of Research and Choreographic Composition of Royaumont in France. Nicknamed le “Génie” by his friends in the school, his courage and his sense of perfection takes him to create “LEVES TOI AFRICA”, he performs with them in Goethe Institute in Abidjan.

In 2006, he has the management of the troupe of cabaret palace of Café de Rome of Abidjan. He presents there SALSA, TANGO, ORIENTAL DANCE, DANCES LATINOS... Shows with his group. Café de Rome

In January 2007, he is called by Alexise GOGOUA to lead the Company HAHIZE CLUB, Company of traditional dance as artistic director and choreographer. He participates in the season artistic dance of Cote d'Ivoire and the Market for African Performing Arts where he presents “REPERE”. Repere

Kämpferische Träume In this year he presents also “Elle, Il, Nous...” creation which is an illustration of his new aesthetic submitted during his “soutenance de DESA” whose theme is the following: Esthétique de la Danse Tradi-Contemporaine Africaine appliqué á la Creation “Elle, Il, Nous...” Elle, Il, Nous

Teacher in a training agency dummies and actors of Abidjan “FLOWER OF AFRICA”, he forms the Top Model for the agency and particips in the series of advertisements.

Present in the cultural debates he is called in the National Federation of troops and Companies of dances in Côte d'Ivoire (FNCD) by SIBA VINCENT SAUYIET to exercise as SECRETARY-GENERAL.

He works then with Massidi Hadiatou and Jenny Mezine of the company SOLEH, PEHOULA ZEREHOUE of the Company KAYONDE, MARIUS MOGUIBA and NINA KIPRE of the Company TCHETCHE and several choreographers. In December of the same year, he is retained in a German company of circus (AFRIKA! AFRIKA!) As dancer and worked with ANDRE HELLER actor, designer of AFRIKA! AFRIKA! and Georges MOMBOYE choreographer. He has the confidence of the latter who appointed him choreographer assistant of the company. At the end 2008, he occupies the post of choreographer of this company.

He follows several training courses from leading choreographers: Merlin Nyakam, Mathilde Monnier, Salia Sanou , Seydou Boro, Beatrice Combe, Ottro Demcsac´k and Barbara Bombicz...

We can cite some of these creations as « Cérémonie des excises en pays We de cote d´Ivoire - Terre Soleil - Afrika Yako - Lèves toi Afrique - Elle, Il, Nous - La Voix des Sans Voix... » Cérémonie des excises en pays We de cote d´Ivoire | La Voix des Sans Voix

He is in residence with his new dance-production “Mamoudé”...
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